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History of the college

Muzaffar Ahmed Mahavidyalaya, a co-educational institution established in 1986 (5th August, 1986) is situated at Bharatpur-II Panchayat Samity at Salar at a stone-throw distance from Salar Railway Station in the district of Murshidabad amid scenic beauties and open atmosphere. There is, in front of the college, a pond full of water surrounded by green mango trees under the shade of which permanent sitting arrangements are there for the students to pass their light moments. The surrounding areas of Salar as a whole really deserves admiration for long past for its cultural heritage, com­munal harmony, academic and social uplifting aspirations. Since the very inception of the college, it has been providing higher education to the stu­dents, especially to those belonging to middle and lower middle classes of its vast feeding areas, meeting their long-cherished demands for this education in promoting all-round academic upliftment and social mobility, strengthening harmony among different communities living peacefully side by side like the members of a family. It is very much apprising and inspiring to note on the part of the college that the students most of whom belong to lower economic strata of the society are obedient disciplined and their academic response conforms to the aims and objectives of the college to the fullest satisfaction. The college is developing by leaps and sounds, some infrastructural deficiencies from which the col­lege was suffering has almost been mitigated for full fledged academic interest. The college is, however, often deprived of better students from the surround­ing feeder schools for which the result of university examinations are not always so brilliant at they should be. But taking into consideration of the inputs and outputs the students who are first generation learns be­longing to peas tray deserve excellence for their performances in university examinations. The college situated at a place inhabited mainly by minority communities is in successful response of the students and cordial co-operation of local people, firmly determined to introduce popular as well as new emerging sub­jects in Honours and General degree level having immense academic and technical importance in view of changing social and educational scenario. To equip the office with computer and the introduction of Multi-Gym, Honours in Geography and Arabic (General) are the outcomes of such earnest effective venture adopted by the college authority. The college is named after a universally respected great personality whose ideal of ‘plain’ living and high thinking' of life has been ever-lasting inspiration for discipline, punctuality, equality, fraternity, board mindedness, true educa­tion, honesty and perseverance for all people irrespective of caste and creed for all ages. We fell proud of this great personality Muzaffar Ahmed, and are determined to honour him through proper discharge of our respective allotted duties in a concerted way in imparting education to our students. The college, affiliated to Kalyani University has only one stream in arts having the subjects, English, Bengali, History, Political Science, Philosophy, Education, Geography, Sociology, Arabic and Sanskrit in General course, History, Bengali, Philosophy, English, Political Science and Geography in Honours course. As a higher educational institution the aims for which the Mah





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